Bee Tree Berry Farm was established in 2012 with a small plot of strawberries which has grown to 20 acres of sustainably cultivated berries and vegetables.

We offer healthy, nutritious, abundant crops for your picking pleasure. Our farming practices includes crop rotation, use of cover crops, composting, with the goal of having a healthy, living soil. 



We grow several varieties of strawberries, red


and black raspberries, blueberries,


blackberries,  elderberries, currents, and


gooseberries. Although we are not certified 

organic our practices lead to natural sustainable


production grown responsibly and with common



In addition to our berries we offer a wide array of seasonal veggies from  asparagus to zucchini. We also have fresh picked rhubarb and sweet cherries along with brilliant sunflowers. For fall fun we will have a pumpkin patch and a children's maze.
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